Design, Package, Sell

Your Secret Guide to Powering your Fashion Collection into Reality

The Antidote For Fashion Design Pains

We have constructed a pain and worry free system, for your approach to apparel design. By using our system you can choose to be your own manufacturing source.

Stress Free Designs

No need to search for the right pattern maker. We provide, Digital, hand-drawn, and trademarked patterns.

Getting it right on the first go around.

On call service techs, is apart of our daily service package that lends a hand in the your collection final designs.

Money Back Guarantee

Using our service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

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Our designs and creations are all Manufacture online for TheRustyElbow.Com

Reap the pleasures of your creation

As pattern makers, we enjoy making the pattern for you while you reap all the rewards of design.

Relief from the non-pattern maker hustle

With our degreed and tenured pattern makers, we take the hassle, out of dealing with people who can not speak, the language of fashion design.

Fashion Reputation is Everything

Are you a startup fashion house? Let us help you get a piece of mind with your apparel design,by using our pattern trademark transfer service. Every pattern purchased by your fashion house, belongs to you, with a trade mark.

Money Back Guarantee

Using our service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

Be your own Manufacturing Co.

Design, Package, Sell

The Pattern ProcessWhat we do

Choose Your Patterns

We Create the Patterns and you Choose from over 100 Custom Trade Marked Designs

Create your own (Logo)

Print the image on your garment

Sell your product to the world

How We Work For You

  • Completed, Fast Fashion, Production Ready, Patterns

    Graded Patterns from infant to 3XL
  • All patterns are trademarked designs and transferable

    Complete Collection of patterns to launch your business.
  • Full Customer Support with live feed back

  • Access to 100's of wholesale textile companies

  • Seasonal Collections

Customer Support is a click away

About Us

  • How do we design

    We are a group of designers and pattern makers that been in the business totaled over 30 years.
  • Where are you Located

    We are located in Dallas TX.
  • How long do it take to make a pattern

    It all depends on how complex the garment is designed.